Beautiful Leah would like organization to the madness.  I assume we all would like organization to the madness, and I’m starting with this.



  • Each week, someone new will pick the theme.
  • The order goes Leah, Angela, Caroline, Shannon, Christina and Danielle (unless fits are pitched, in which case I’m sure we can work something out).  
  • Whomever picks the theme is responsible for creating a new post, preferably on a Monday.
  • The title of the post should include the theme, and you can explain it in the body of the post if you want.  If you already have a photo or whatever for it, you can add it too.
  • The rest of us will have one week to post our version of the theme.
  • All our contributions will go IN THE SAME POST.  When you log in to WordPress and to the Consorting with Angels blog, click on My Dashboard at the top of the page, then Manage (next to Write) and then click on the appropriate post.  You can add text and pictures.  Then just click Save.  Ye who fucks it up and deletes it gets to feel the wrath of something unpleasant.


Of course, structure bothers me (why do I want to be a lawyer?), so anyone who feels the urge to post randomness, comments, links, or pictures that have nothing to do with anything, please do, for everyone’s entertainment and sanity.


I’m trying to figure out a way to send an email notification to everyone when a new post is published, but so far I’m utterly lost in a technological world that keeps confusing me.  More on that later.


So… Leah, you’re up!  You mentioned pets earlier and while I personally am dying to see a picture of Frankie doing something naughty, pick whatever your beautiful heart desires!  Can’t wait!


Love for all, including the frolicking squirrels outside my window who have a better love life than me.


– Christina


P.S.  If you guys think this is the worst idea since the best idea (making this blog), just leave mean comments and after I’m done crying, we’ll figure it out.


2 thoughts on “Organizitism

  1. Hi, can the order be changed? I’m still working long days at work and I have not creative ideas left in me after a work week. A new gig should be comin’ so put me close to last????

  2. Diz – No worries! Now I’m just really curious and excited about your plans. We’ll just put you at the end and push everyone up one, yea? I’ll go edit the order now.

    Ang! You thought you were off the hook for another couple weeks! You’re up next! Bwahaha…

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