New beginnings…

Hola chicas!

My new beginning is my new hobby… handmade journals. It started out in Spain, when I filled up my journal and ended up making one out of scrap paper and binding it with (I’m ashamed to say) dental floss (it was the only thread-ish thing I had!). Then it evolved into making recycled journals with whatever I had around the house, including the Weetabix box (Weetabix is awesome).

Then today, for some reason, I got out these hardbound book covers I was planning on making a simple recycled journal out of, except I got completely carried away. I covered them with fabric (I don’t really like it, but I figured it would do for a first try), hand stitched the pages together in groups of five (folded over to get 10 pages in each section), glued the sections together individually and then as a group, added a ribbon along the spine for the bookmark, and finally secured the pages to the cover on some sturdier paper. It took a while but it was so awesome. I can’t wait to try again, and better (and not take four hours doing it), and come up with something that looks a little more hip. This one goes to my grandmother. She’ll love it.

Also… there’s no way I can get a picture of this, but a raccoon family has moved into the foundation under our dining room. Its really their new beginning. I can hear the babies talking right now. It makes my heart go pitter-patter. Murphy (my 8-year old puppy) stands in the corner with his head down, sniffing the whiffs of raccoon and being very confused.

❤ – C.

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So, this whole theme thing was challenging the first time around, and hopefully it’ll get better as time moves on. I, of course being the sap that I am, kept wandering around this week and looking at all the new things of spring. Flowers popping up, trees flowering, wildfires burning, and couldn’t help thinking about new beginnings in life. Spring is a time of new growth, from the earth to ourselves. Usually people graduate, start a new job, whatever… So I guess we’re all in full bloom. I took this pic of sunrise this past week, and for those of you who know me, you know that me being up at an early hour such as this is unheard of. I was awake because I have recently found myself newly in love (not so unheard of), and we ended up staying awake all night. Just breath-taking and worth the incredibly early hour.

This spring I will also be “graduating” and starting a new job as a medical assistant, getting surgery on my knee, and hopefully traveling to many different places. I guess its all about accepting who you are, where you are, and just loving every second of each new day.

Can’t wait to see what you guys have got in store, and hope you all are enjoying your spring (or fall, as is may be in Shannon’s case!)

Love, L


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