New Beginnings…

(side note…this is a separate post cause I couldn’t figure out how to add to the already existing post)

As new beginnings go, you can’t get much newer than the Earth forming by volcanoes. Thus, I chose this picture (also because it was my favorite) of a floral “sculpture” that the artist designed using the painting behind it as inspiration. I checked out Art Alive at the San Diego Museum of Art for the first time and was pretty inspired by people’s imaginations.

So anyways, I guess I am going through lots of new changes right now. I feel like I am in constant transition with jobs. I’m on a 3 month project right now working with an SDSU professor at the Miramar Marine Corp Air Station. We’re basically collecting plant data for their Environmental Dept. I’m not a plant person I know now more than before, but I get paid well and get to watch the goings on of the military, which can be pretty strange sometimes. Watched a police dog being trained to attack today while I ate lunch. Being in the sun and heat all day isn’t always the greatest either, but the station is quite pretty and I’m learning a lot. So in terms of work, I am constantly applying for jobs (anyone know of anything let me know!).

Other changes include my breaking up with my boyfriend, Jay, who I was with for around 6 to 8 months depending on how you look at it (partial breakup while I was in Europe and physically separated while he was at sea–he’s in the Coast Guard). I came to the realization that this was the first time I’ve ever really been the one to instigate the break up for reasons other than distance. And it sucks mucho. It wasn’t necessarily a bad relationship, but I’m not sure it was the right one. Although, he thought it was, which made it even harder. We have the perfect opportunity now to think things through as he is leaving for another 3 month patrol in a few days. I’ve also come to the realization that I am much less of a commitment phobe now and that that isn’t such a big issue for me anymore like it was in the past. I guess the picture I chose also represents the firey emotions I went through this past week.

Anyways, I’m glad we get to hear about everybody’s lives. Been way too out of touch. Hope your surgery went well and you recover perfectly from your surgery Leah.

Ciao peoples,



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