What do we do?

ok children, since angela was the one who cocked the post up, im just going along with it. this is a photo of me in my ses outfit, taken just before i got my first call out to help innocent civilians in trouble. its not my day job, but it is kinda a new beginning for me. its fun, im meeting all new types of people (and hotties) and feeling good about myself (except for the times where we get hep a and b shots). I will admit though, its not my day job, that photo would be a shot of my desk , strewn with research papers and thesis and assignments of the sorts.
hope this clues the lovely ladies who dont know me into a small aspect of my complex character, later alligators , love shan

For the next post I think we should all include a picture of ourselves at work so we all have an idea of what we do during the day and what our workplaces are like. For those of us without a job, just include a picture of you doing something on a typical day. Lets give a little more info on what our day to day lives are like. Coolios. Lookin forward to it.


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