wet kisses

wet kisses<a
ok, i have no idea how to use this so bare with me, so right now, i dont have any pets, bad feelings long stories, so im putting up a cute animal photo from old school times. Im the human on the left, back when i had red hair (long stories) its been a busy week and my brain is about to implode in the near future, so this is nice to get the mind of the assignments.
maybe ill post some good ole australian scenes soon, shotgun the next post topic
kisses darlings, shannon


Welcome ladies

This is the first post for this blog, and hopefully all the fabulous women I love so much will eventually post here too.  This way, we can all have clues about what’s happening in our lives, because its become very clear that our lives are all growing in fantastic, but, different, paths.  And frankly, I miss the laughs. 
❤ – Christina