resurrecting an angel

Older, wiser, kinder.

This angel is back, and eager to write, share, and bliss out.  The next chapter, to cover the month of July, includes travels through Asia with two fellow angels, Miss Eri-chan and the fiery, newly Mrs. Shannon.  I can promise monks, beaches, fish spas, and rain.  And hopefully, some deeply inspired musings.

Also, I want to highlight an artist with absolutely gorgeous photographs.  The background to this blog is a photograph from his “Under the Sun” series.

photographer, Marco Guerra

photo by Marco Guerra


Surprise yourself.

Everything that happens in life, everything we win or fail at, happens directly because we made is that way.  There are no excuses, and there are absolutely no good reasons for unhappiness.  Everything is perception.

Now give me a reason why you think you can’t attain the things you really want.

Surprise yourself.

❤ – C

What do we do?

ok children, since angela was the one who cocked the post up, im just going along with it. this is a photo of me in my ses outfit, taken just before i got my first call out to help innocent civilians in trouble. its not my day job, but it is kinda a new beginning for me. its fun, im meeting all new types of people (and hotties) and feeling good about myself (except for the times where we get hep a and b shots). I will admit though, its not my day job, that photo would be a shot of my desk , strewn with research papers and thesis and assignments of the sorts.
hope this clues the lovely ladies who dont know me into a small aspect of my complex character, later alligators , love shan

For the next post I think we should all include a picture of ourselves at work so we all have an idea of what we do during the day and what our workplaces are like. For those of us without a job, just include a picture of you doing something on a typical day. Lets give a little more info on what our day to day lives are like. Coolios. Lookin forward to it.

New Beginnings…

(side note…this is a separate post cause I couldn’t figure out how to add to the already existing post)

As new beginnings go, you can’t get much newer than the Earth forming by volcanoes. Thus, I chose this picture (also because it was my favorite) of a floral “sculpture” that the artist designed using the painting behind it as inspiration. I checked out Art Alive at the San Diego Museum of Art for the first time and was pretty inspired by people’s imaginations.

So anyways, I guess I am going through lots of new changes right now. I feel like I am in constant transition with jobs. I’m on a 3 month project right now working with an SDSU professor at the Miramar Marine Corp Air Station. We’re basically collecting plant data for their Environmental Dept. I’m not a plant person I know now more than before, but I get paid well and get to watch the goings on of the military, which can be pretty strange sometimes. Watched a police dog being trained to attack today while I ate lunch. Being in the sun and heat all day isn’t always the greatest either, but the station is quite pretty and I’m learning a lot. So in terms of work, I am constantly applying for jobs (anyone know of anything let me know!).

Other changes include my breaking up with my boyfriend, Jay, who I was with for around 6 to 8 months depending on how you look at it (partial breakup while I was in Europe and physically separated while he was at sea–he’s in the Coast Guard). I came to the realization that this was the first time I’ve ever really been the one to instigate the break up for reasons other than distance. And it sucks mucho. It wasn’t necessarily a bad relationship, but I’m not sure it was the right one. Although, he thought it was, which made it even harder. We have the perfect opportunity now to think things through as he is leaving for another 3 month patrol in a few days. I’ve also come to the realization that I am much less of a commitment phobe now and that that isn’t such a big issue for me anymore like it was in the past. I guess the picture I chose also represents the firey emotions I went through this past week.

Anyways, I’m glad we get to hear about everybody’s lives. Been way too out of touch. Hope your surgery went well and you recover perfectly from your surgery Leah.

Ciao peoples,


New beginnings…

Hola chicas!

My new beginning is my new hobby… handmade journals. It started out in Spain, when I filled up my journal and ended up making one out of scrap paper and binding it with (I’m ashamed to say) dental floss (it was the only thread-ish thing I had!). Then it evolved into making recycled journals with whatever I had around the house, including the Weetabix box (Weetabix is awesome).

Then today, for some reason, I got out these hardbound book covers I was planning on making a simple recycled journal out of, except I got completely carried away. I covered them with fabric (I don’t really like it, but I figured it would do for a first try), hand stitched the pages together in groups of five (folded over to get 10 pages in each section), glued the sections together individually and then as a group, added a ribbon along the spine for the bookmark, and finally secured the pages to the cover on some sturdier paper. It took a while but it was so awesome. I can’t wait to try again, and better (and not take four hours doing it), and come up with something that looks a little more hip. This one goes to my grandmother. She’ll love it.

Also… there’s no way I can get a picture of this, but a raccoon family has moved into the foundation under our dining room. Its really their new beginning. I can hear the babies talking right now. It makes my heart go pitter-patter. Murphy (my 8-year old puppy) stands in the corner with his head down, sniffing the whiffs of raccoon and being very confused.

❤ – C.

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So, this whole theme thing was challenging the first time around, and hopefully it’ll get better as time moves on. I, of course being the sap that I am, kept wandering around this week and looking at all the new things of spring. Flowers popping up, trees flowering, wildfires burning, and couldn’t help thinking about new beginnings in life. Spring is a time of new growth, from the earth to ourselves. Usually people graduate, start a new job, whatever… So I guess we’re all in full bloom. I took this pic of sunrise this past week, and for those of you who know me, you know that me being up at an early hour such as this is unheard of. I was awake because I have recently found myself newly in love (not so unheard of), and we ended up staying awake all night. Just breath-taking and worth the incredibly early hour.

This spring I will also be “graduating” and starting a new job as a medical assistant, getting surgery on my knee, and hopefully traveling to many different places. I guess its all about accepting who you are, where you are, and just loving every second of each new day.

Can’t wait to see what you guys have got in store, and hope you all are enjoying your spring (or fall, as is may be in Shannon’s case!)

Love, L